worst1 [ wɜrst ] adjective only before noun ***
worse than all others or worse than at all other times:
It was the worst accident in the company's history.
The noise from the airport is worst at night.
be your own worst enemy
to be the cause of your own problems
worst 2 [ wɜrst ] noun singular **
the worst something or someone that is worse than all others:
Even if the worst happens, you shouldn't give up hope.
worst of: By Friday the worst of the freezing weather should be over.
the worst of it (=the worst part of an activity or situation): The worst of it is, they didn't admit they were wrong.
at its/their worst
as bad or unpleasant as someone or something can be:
The pain was at its worst in the late evenings.
at worst
used for talking about the worst possibility in a situation:
The Senator's reaction was at best ineffective and at worst irresponsible.
do your worst INFORMAL
used for saying that you are not frightened by something or someone because you are confident they cannot harm you
fear the worst
to believe that something very bad has probably happened or probably will happen:
They'd been gone so long we were beginning to fear the worst.
if worst comes to worst INFORMAL
used for saying what you will do if the worst thing that could happen does happen:
If worst comes to worst, we'll cancel the lecture.
the worst of all/both worlds
used for saying that a person or situation has all the disadvantages that are possible
worst of all
used for talking about the worst aspect of a situation:
Worst of all was the realization that Tom didn't need her.
worst 3 [ wɜrst ] adverb
more badly than all others:
the areas worst hit by Monday's heavy rains

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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